Forthcoming over modesty
France’s topmost feminist

Marlène Schiappa is the secretary of state for equality, which on paper, makes her France’s highest-ranking feminist. Her main objective above all else is to fight against sexual harassment in public as well as improving the cohesiveness of family and


Carolin Küter Lyon

Fashion opens up new job opportunities
Used clothes from Europe no longer wanted

Starting end of 2018, it will no longer be permitted to import old clothes to East Africa. With this new development, countries in the region want to encourage their own textile industries. Seamstresses in Uganda are happy about the news.


Simone Schlindwein Kampala

Between Oppression and Freedom
Women in Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia will be granted more rights in the future. The sudden change of rhetoric of crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman is driven by economic interests, but this is of little importance to women. They are happy to


Virginia Kirst Rom

The Queen of Skiing from Bamiyan
Afghan women discover winter sports

Fatima Nazari is the fastest skier in Afghanistan. She has won the “Afghan Ski Challenge” twice now in the Bamiyan province. The path that brought her to this point, and her goal to take part in the Olympics, was and


Veronika Eschbacher Kabul

„The Revolution Has Helped the Women“
Women’s Rights in Egypt

Egyptian women’s rights activist, author and movie maker Alexandria Kinias (53) grew up in Cairo. Today she lives in the U.S. Two years ago she founded the online magazine „Women of Egypt“ to open the debate about sensitive women’s rights


Mareike Enghusen Tel Aviv

Let more women make our films!
Why women in front of and behind the camera are demanding a quota

Film and television shape our worldview. However, the stories and pictures are often loaded with stereotypes. Recent studies show that women in movies have little say in their own profession. In Germany, a new initiative is emerging that aims for


Helen Hecker Berlin

From Refugee to Sex Slave
How African women are propelled into prostitution

Sex work provided by Nigerian refugees is thriving as a business in Sicily. In retaliation, a group of former prostitutes from Benin City is fighting the exploitation of girls and want to offer them new perspectives.  


Helen Hecker Berlin

The Trumpettes
How women rally for the President of the United States

It has been 12 months since Donald Trump became President of the United States. Despite having low popularity ratings, Trump’s base still stands behind him. Toni Holt Kramer makes up part of that. She leads the ‘Trumpettes’, a well-to-do group


Veronika Eschbacher Los Angeles / Kabul

A Big Girl
Portrait of a Chilean street artist

25-year-old Magdalena Cañas wants to shake people out of their daily grind with her street art murals. For her, art is a social responsibility that should make others feel strong and confident, even spark a resistance. Her favourite subject is


Sophia Boddenberg Santiago de Chile

Constant struggle in the life of India’s Dalit
Portrait of 62-year-old Ahire from Mumbai

62-year-old Ahire identifies as a Dalit – formerly known as India’s “Untouchables”. Dalits take filthy and often dangerous jobs that have made Ahire’s life a constant struggle despite reforms pointing towards a less dim future.


Priyanka Borpujari Mumbai

Defense Ready
A Jordanian woman teaches women to fight

Lina Khalifeh founded Jordan’s first self-defense studio for women. First and foremost, she teaches martial arts courses, but also offers discussion-enriched seminars to teach women to stand up for their rights with words and, when necessary, their fists.


Mareike Enghusen Tel Aviv

Middle fingers up!
A Fat Femme on the recapturing of your own body

The American yoga scene is dominated by white, athletic women. Jessamyn Stanley, the Afro-American yoga instructor who describes herself as ‘Fat Femme’, is breaking all the stereotypes. The Instagram star is part of the ‘Body-Positivity-Movement’ that has captured the United


Veronika Eschbacher Kabul