Constant struggle in the life of India’s Dalit
Portrait of 62-year-old Ahire from Mumbai

62-year-old Ahire identifies as a Dalit – formerly known as India’s “Untouchables”. Dalits take filthy and often dangerous jobs that have made Ahire’s life a constant struggle despite reforms pointing towards a less dim future.


Priyanka Borpujari Mumbai

Defense Ready
A Jordanian woman teaches women to fight

Lina Khalifeh founded Jordan’s first self-defense studio for women. First and foremost, she teaches martial arts courses, but also offers discussion-enriched seminars to teach women to stand up for their rights with words and, when necessary, their fists.


Mareike Enghusen Tel Aviv

Middle fingers up!
A Fat Femme on the recapturing of your own body

The American yoga scene is dominated by white, athletic women. Jessamyn Stanley, the Afro-American yoga instructor who describes herself as ‘Fat Femme’, is breaking all the stereotypes. The Instagram star is part of the ‘Body-Positivity-Movement’ that has captured the United


Veronika Eschbacher Los Angeles & Kabul